Papers published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 66:


Slow Boat to Centauri: A Millennial Journey Exploiting Resources Along the Way

Paul A. Gilster


Sorry, We Didn’t Mean to Break Your Culture

Robert C. Lightfoot


Colonizing the Plutoids: The Key to Human Expansion into the Galaxy

Kenneth I. Roy, Robert G. Kennedy III and David E. Fields


High Temperature Nanocomposites For Nuclear Thermal Propulsion and In-Space Fabrication by Hyperbaric Pressure Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition

James L. Maxwell, Nicholas D. Webb, Miguel Espinoza et al.


Interstellar Travel without ‘Magic’

Gordon Woodcock


Dyson Dots & Geoengineering: The Killer App Ad Astra

Robert G. Kennedy III, Eric Hughes, Kenneth I Roy et al.