For this special meeting, we have special Sponsor Levels, as follow, with sponsorship at the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) level and above receiving a complimentary registration. (Once early registration is over on August 1, 2018, the minimum sponsorship level for a complimentary registration rises to the Medium Earth Orbit level.) Sponsors at the Martian level and above will receive extra benefits (negotiated individually):




$ 100.00


$ 200.00

Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

$ 500.00

Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)

$ 1,000.00


$ 2,500.00


$ 5,000.00


$ 10,000.00

Solar System

$ 15,000.00


$ 25,000.00


Please make your contribution payable to

“TVIW Power of Synergy”
Dean Hartley, Treasurer
106 Windsong Ln
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Notable Sponsors to date:

  1. Gray Mayes, Lunar

  2.  SPACE Canada, Lunar
  3. TVIW, Geo-Stationary

  4. Linda Fippin, Geo-Stationary
  5.  Imperia Innovations, Medium Earth Orbit
  6. John D. G. Rather, Medium Earth Orbit
  7.  Orion, Low Earth Orbit

  8. Westley W. Singer, D.D.S., Low Earth Orbit

  9.  MontTech, LLC, Low Earth Orbit

  10.  Hartley Consulting, Low Earth Orbit

  11. John Preston, Low Earth Orbit

  12.  NAI, Low Earth Orbit

  13. Bill Carnes, Low Earth Orbit
  14. Paul Gilster, Low Earth Orbit
  15.  Baen Books, Low Earth Orbit