TVIW In the Media

Coverage for the 2017 Meeting:


Paul Gilster sums up his experience in his post from Centauri Dreams:

I want to thank Les Johnson and the conference organizers at TVIW, Tau Zero and Starship Century for the opportunity to make this presentation, and for the huge outlay in time and energy they devoted to the event. That includes our workshop leaders and participants who carried the original workshop notion forward. What I now hope to do is give an overview of what we have done here and what it signifies….


Bart Leahy published a piece with Spaceflight Insider about TVIW’s long-term challenges:

The TVIW Chairman Les Johnson is a NASA physicist by day and a science fiction writer and interstellar visionary in his free time. Given that the exploration of the Solar System will be the work of generations, if not centuries, might TVIW not be getting a little ahead of themselves? Johnson told Spaceflight Insider: “Not at all. We’re providing the long-term vision… Can we do it today? No. Can we begin developing the technologies needed? Yes. Can we think about flying precursor missions today? Yes.”


Dr. Ben Davis recounts his time at “Band Camp” on his Ask Dr. Ben Facebook page:

So some of you might have wondered why Ask Dr. Ben has been so quiet for the last week. Well, I’ve been out of town and I generally don’t like to advertise over the Internet when I’m away from my home. But now that I am back, I’m happy to tell you everything.


Prolific author Sarah Hoyt covers Why We Must Go to the Stars for PJMedia:

Why would anyone want to go to other stars? Why would it be beneficial to humanity?

Those of you who have wondered about my absence from my normal haunts online, including the “night DJ” job at Instapundit, wonder no more.