Interstellar Updates

These are items of interest to the interstellar exploration community that we’ve found in our quest for information that will help us advance toward our goals.  If you know of anything we’ve overlooked, or any sources of such information we should monitor, or if you would like to be added to our TVIW-updates mailing list and receive these updates in you email every weekday, please send that information to


September 19, 2018 updates

Superflare Ultraviolet Impact on Kepler-96 System: A Glimpse of Habitability When the Ozone Layer First Formed on Earth

Investigating the young solar system analog HD 95086★ A combined HARPS and SPHERE exploration

Spin Evolution and Cometary Interpretation of the Interstellar Minor Object 1I/2017 ‘Oumuamua

Three Pathways for Observed Resonant Chains

Efficient spectroscopy of exoplanets at small angular separations with vortex fiber nulling

A grid of upper atmosphere models for 1–40 MEARTH planets: application to CoRoT-7 b and HD219134 b,c

Atmospheric mass loss due to giant impacts: the importance of the thermal component for hydrogen-helium envelopes

September 18, 2018 updates

Scaling Laws of Ion Acceleration in Ultrathin Foils Driven by Laser Radiation Pressure

QED cascade in a plane electromagnetic wave

Ground- and Space-based Detection of the Thermal Emission Spectrum of the Transiting Hot Jupiter KELT-2Ab

Survivability of Moon Systems Around Ejected Gas Giants

Stellar pulsation and granulation as noise sources in exoplanet transit spectroscopy in the ARIEL space mission

TESS Discovery of a Transiting Super-Earth in the Π Mensae System

Disentangling Blended K2 Photometry: Determining the Planetary Host Star

Exoplanet Modulation of Stellar Coronal Radio Emission

Stable equatorial ice belts at high obliquity in a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

A Framework for Prioritizing the TESS Planetary Candidates Most Amenable to Atmospheric Characterization

September 17, 2018 updates

Interaction of infalling solid bodies with primordial atmospheres of disk-embedded planets

Improving Orbit Estimates for Incomplete Orbits with a New Approach to Priors – with Applications from Black Holes to Planets

The hot Jupiter period-mass distribution as a signature of in situ formation

The Application of Autocorrelation SETI Search Techniques in an ATA Survey

September 14, 2018 updates

Measurement of Source Star Colors with the K2C9-CFHT Multi-color Microlensing Survey

Pyaneti: a fast and powerful software suite for multi-planet radial velocity and transit fitting

Magnetically Induced Termination of Giant Planet Formation

WASP-189b: an ultra-hot Jupiter transiting the bright A star HR 5599 in a polar orbit

Exoplanet Terra Incognita

Implications of Captured Interstellar Objects for Panspermia and Extraterrestrial Life

K2-260 b: a hot Jupiter transiting an F star, and K2-261 b: a warm Saturn around a bright G star

September 13, 2018 updates

Disruption of a Planet Spiraling into its Host Star

Measuring the Water Snow Line in a Protoplanetary Disk

Dynamical Constraints on the HR 8799 Planets with GPI

Photochemical Oxygen in Non-1 Bar CO2 Atmospheres of Terrestrial Exoplanets

SETI Detection Strategies for Single Dish Radio Telescopes

On quasi-satellite periodic motion in asteroid and planetary dynamics