Interstellar Updates

These are items of interest to the interstellar exploration community that we’ve found in our quest for information that will help us advance toward our goals.  If you know of anything we’ve overlooked, or any sources of such information we should monitor, or if you would like to be added to our TVIW-updates mailing list and receive these updates in you email every weekday, please send that information to


October 2, 2018 updates

Outer Space as a Socioeconomic Field

The Global Catastrophic Risks Connected with Possibility of Finding Alien AI During SETI

The Origins Space Telescope (OST) Mission Concept Study Interim Report

Implications of Directed Energy for SETI

Capturing the oxidation of silicon carbide in rocky exoplanetary interiors

Single site observations of TESS monotransit detections

A Cold Neptune Beyond the Snow Line in the Provisional WFIRST Field

On the detectability of transiting planets orbiting white dwarfs using LSST

October 1, 2018 updates

Space colonization remains the only long-term option for humanity: A reply to Torres

Single site observations of \textit{TESS} single transit detections

A Discrete Set of Possible Transit Ephemerides for Two Long Period Gas Giants Orbiting HIP 41378

Global or Local Pure-Condensible Atmospheres: Importance of Horizontal Latent Heat Transport

Transiting Planets with LSST IV: Detecting Planets around White Dwarfs

Transit Timing Variations and linear ephemerides of confirmed Kepler transiting exoplanets

Revisiting the HIP41378 system with K2 and Spitzer

September 27, 2018 updates

NASA Technosignatures Workshop (NTW18)

From cold to hot irradiated gaseous exoplanets: A classification scheme with four classes

The LUVOIR Mission Concept Study Interim Report

The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) Mission Concept Study Interim Report

TSARDI: a Machine Learning data rejection algorithm for transiting exoplanet light curves

Extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs around AF-type stars. X.The SOPHIE northern sample. Combining the SOPHIE and HARPS surveys to compute the close giant planet mass-period distribution around AF-type stars

A possible advantage of telescopes with a non-circular pupil

First-order mean motion resonances in two-planet systems: general analysis and observed systems

A SEA BASS on the exoplanet HD209458b