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June 12, 2018 updates

Can Machines Design? An Artificial General Intelligence Approach

A 2 Earth Radius Planet Orbiting the Bright Nearby K-Dwarf Wolf 503

Transit timing analysis of the exoplanet TrES-5 b. Possible existence of the exoplanet TrES-5 c

Computing the minimal crew for a multi-generational space travel towards Proxima Centauri b

Supervised Machine Learning for Analysing Spectra of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

EPIC 201498078b: A low density Super Neptune on an eccentric orbit

Kepler-503b: An Object at the Hydrogen Burning Mass Limit Orbiting a Subgiant Star

June 11, 2018 updates

Spacecraft landing and site-to-site transpsort for a planet, moon or other space body

ExoGAN: Retrieving Exoplanetary Atmospheres Using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks

A TESS Dress Rehearsal: Planetary Candidates and Variables from K2 Campaign 17

The First Naked-Eye Superflare Detected from Proxima Centauri

June 8, 2018 updates

OHB System to sign PLATO construction contract in June

Relativistic solar sails

A High-performance Atmospheric Radiation Package: with applications to the radiative energy budgets of giant planets

Modeling Indications of Technology in Planetary Transit Light Curves — Dark-side illumination

Similarity indexing of exoplanets in search for potential habitability: application to Mars-like worlds

Internal Structure of Giant and Icy Planets: Importance of Heavy Elements and Mixing

Earth Similarity Index and Habitability Studies of Exoplanets

June 7, 2018 updates

Spitzer Space Telescope: Innovations and Optimizations in the Extended Mission Era

Simulating Transits of Large Objects at the L1 Lagrange Point for the 2018 Feature Film Clara

Magnetised winds and their influence in the escaping upper atmosphere of HD 209458b

SBAF: A New Activation Function for Artificial Neural Net based Habitability Classification

June 6, 2018 updates

Unbiased Inference of the Masses of Transiting Planets from Radial Velocity Follow-up

Exocomet Orbit Fitting: Accelerating Coma Absorption During Transits of β Pictoris

Scattering of exocomets by a planet chain: exozodi levels and the delivery of cometary material to inner planets

Suppression of atmospheric recycling of planets embedded in a protoplanetary disc by buoyancy barrier

Fine-resolution analysis of exoplanetary distributions by wavelets: hints of an overshooting iceline accumulation

WASP-104b is Darker than Charcoal

The Gaia-ESO Survey: properties of newly discovered Li-rich giants