Interstellar Updates

These are items of interest to the interstellar exploration community that we’ve found in our quest for information that will help us advance toward our goals.  If you know of anything we’ve overlooked, or any sources of such information we should monitor, or if you would like to be added to our TVIW-updates mailing list and receive these updates in you email every weekday, please send that information to


June 25, 2020 updates

NASA expects to cover JWST launch slip with budget reserves

Alien Civilization Calculator

Large H2O solubility in dense silica and its implications for the interiors of water-rich planets

Photochemistry of Anoxic Abiotic Habitable Planet Atmospheres: Impact of New H2O Cross Sections

Analysis of HAT-P-23 b, Qatar-1 b, WASP-2 b, and WASP-33 b with an Optimized EXOplanet Transit Interpretation Code

Atmospheric Regimes and Trends on Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs

EarthFinder Probe Mission Concept Study: Characterizing nearby stellar exoplanet systems with Earth-mass analogs for future direct imaging

Breakthrough Listen Search for Technosignatures Towards the Kepler-160 System

TRAPPIST-1: Global Results of the Spitzer Exploration Science Program {\it Red Worlds}

June 24, 2020 updates

Heavy-metal Jupiters by major mergers: metallicity vs. mass for giant planets

Risks for Life on Proxima b from Sterilizing Asteroid Impacts

Studies of Exoplanets with Candidate TOI 717.01 and Confirmed HAT-P-3b

The ARCiS framework for Exoplanet Atmospheres: Modelling Philosophy and Retrieval

Exploiting periodic orbits as dynamical clues for Kepler and K2 systems

Exomoon Candidates from Transit Timing Variations: Six Kepler systems with TTVs explainable by photometrically unseen exomoons

June 23, 2020 updates

Updated Deterministic Radiation Transport for Future Deep Space Missions

Overview – The Breakthrough Listen Exotic Target Catalog

Searching for the near-infrared counterpart of Proxima c using multi-epoch high-contrast SPHERE data at VLT

Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres Resolved with Transit Spectroscopy (HEARTS) IV. A spectral inventory of atoms and molecules in the high-resolution transmission spectrum of WASP-121 b

Distinguishing between wet and dry atmospheres of TRAPPIST-1 e and f

Beyond a pale blue dot : how to search for possible bio-signatures on earth-like planets

The impact of exoplanets’ measured parameters on the inferred internal structure

June 22, 2020 updates

Atmospheric Escape From TOI-700 d: Venus versus Earth Analogs

CfA Scientists Collaborate on New Study to Search the Universe for Signs of Technological Civilizations

When more is less: The P‐type binary habitability paradox

Predictions of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Galactic Exoplanet Survey II: Free-Floating Planet Detection Rates

Simulations Predicting the Ability of Multi-Color Simultaneous Photometry to Distinguish TESS Candidate Exoplanets from False Positives

Spin-orbit alignment of the β Pictoris planetary system

A Mini-Neptune and a Venus-Zone Planet in the Radius Valley Orbiting the Nearby M2-dwarf TOI-1266: Validation with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder

June 19, 2020 updates

Does intelligent life exist on other planets? Technosignatures may hold new clues

Testing Earthlike Atmospheric Evolution on Exo-Earths through Oxygen Absorption: Required Sample Sizes and the Advantage of Age-based Target Selection

Giant Planet Scatterings and Collisions: Hydrodynamics, Merger-Ejection Branching Ratio, and Properties of the Remnants

Influence of the Sun-like magnetic cycle on exoplanetary atmospheric escape

Search for TiO and Optical Night-side Emission from the Exoplanet WASP-33b