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May 14, 2019 updates

A Catalog of Smaller Planets

A Multi-year Search for Transits of Proxima Centauri. II. No Evidence for Transit Events with Periods between 1 and 30 days

Discovery of the first Earth-sized planets orbiting a star other than our Sun in the Kepler-20 system

No Clear, Direct Evidence for Multiple Protoplanets Orbiting LkCa 15: LkCa 15 bcd are Likely Inner Disk Signals

Kepler-9: the First Multi-Transiting System and the First Transit Timing Variations

CKS VIII: Eccentricities of Kepler Planets and Tentative Evidence of a High Metallicity Preference for Small Eccentric Planets

A New Line-By-Line General Circulation Model for Simulations of Diverse Planetary Atmospheres: Initial Validation and Application to the Exoplanet GJ 1132b

Detection limits of exoplanetary atmospheres with 2-m class telescopes

KMT-2018-BLG-1292: A Super-Jovian Microlens Planet in the Galactic Plane

An Updated Study of Potential Targets for Ariel

Impact of Space Weather on Climate and Habitability of Terrestrial Type Exoplanets

May 13, 2019 updates

S-type and P-type Habitable Zones of Stellar Binary Systems: Effect of the Planetary Mass

Cheating the death of the sun by relativistic interstellar spaceflight

Is Earth special?

Machine learning on difference image analysis: A comparison of methods for transient detection

The End of Runaway: How Gap Opening Limits the Final Masses of Gas Giants

How to Find a Planet from Transit Variations

Directly Imaging Rocky Planets from the Ground

May 9, 2019 updates

The Transiting Multi-planet System HD15337: Two Nearly Equal-mass Planets Straddling the Radius Gap

Habitable Megastructures Versus Habitable Planets

Future of Space Travel Through VARIES and VASIMR

Heliogyro Solar Sail Structural Dynamics and Stability

Retrieval of the fluid Love number k2 in exoplanetary transit curves

Persistence of Technosignatures: A Comment on Lingam and Loeb

Effect of interstellar objects on metallicity of low-mass first stars formed in a cosmological model

Photochemical hazes in sub-Neptunian atmospheres with focus on GJ 1214 b

May 8, 2019 updates

Machine Learning Pipeline for Exoplanet Classification

Beamed Launch Propulsion

Synergies between space telescopes in the photometric characterization of the atmospheres of Hot Jupiters

Extrasolar space exploration by a solar sail accelerated via thermal desorption of coating

Detectability of atmospheric features of Earth-like planets in the habitable zone around M dwarfs

NGTS-5b: a highly inflated planet offering insights into the sub-Jovian desert