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November 5, 2019 updates

A Full Implementation of Spectro-perfectionism for Precise Radial Velocity Exoplanet Detection: A Test Case With the MINERVA Reduction Pipeline

Multi-planet disc interactions in binary systems

Collapse of the general circulation in shortwave-absorbing atmospheres: an idealized model study

The Effect of Clouds as an Additional Opacity Source on the Inferred Metallicity of Giant Exoplanets

November 4, 2019 updates

A Bundle of Sticks in Zero G: Non-State Actor Mining Rights for Celestial Bodies

The SpaceDrive Project -Overview of Revolutionary Propulsion Efforts at TU Dresden

Characterization of a Rotational Thrust Balance for Propellantless Propulsion Concepts Utilizing Magnetic Levitation with Superconductors

A limbus mundi elucidation of habitability: the Goldilocks Edge

Hot Jupiter Atmospheric Flows at High Resolution

Ionized calcium in the atmospheres of two ultra-hot exoplanets WASP-33b and KELT-9b

November 1, 2019 updates

Giant Magellan Telescope signs contract for telescope structure

Optimal Steering Law of Refractive Sail

Molecular kinetic simulations of transient perturbations in a planet’s upper atmosphere

Photon-Sail Trajectory Optimization in Alpha Centauri using Evolutionary Neurocontrol

A Simple Multi-Pass Side-Pumping Scheme for Solar Powered Lasers

Principles Of Heliophysics: a textbook on the universal processes behind planetary habitability

October 31, 2019 updates

Diverse outcomes of planet formation and composition around low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

Collapse of the General Circulation in Shortwave-absorbing Atmospheres: An Idealized Model Study

Layered Uncertainty in Planetary Thermal History Models: Implications for Hypotheses Discrimination and Habitability Modeling

Characterization of the Nucleus, Morphology and Activity of Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov by Optical and Near-Infrared GROWTH, Apache Point, IRTF, ZTF, Keck and HST Observations

Spitzer Microlensing Program as a Probe for Globular Cluster Planets. Analysis of OGLE-2015-BLG-0448

October 30, 2019 updates

JWST schedule margin shrinks

TESS Asteroseismology of the known red-giant host stars HD 212771 and HD 203949

Planet and star synergy at high-spectral resolution. A rationale for the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres: I. The infrared

Search for Nanosecond Near-infrared Transients around 1280 Celestial Objects

K2-19b and c are in a 3:2 Commensurability but out of Resonance: A Challenge to Planet Assembly by Convergent Migration

The Featureless Transmission Spectra of Two Super-Puff Planets

Oxygen fugacities of extrasolar rocks: Evidence for an Earth-like geochemistry of exoplanets

Connecting planet formation and astrochemistry: A main sequence for C/O in
hot-exoplanetary atmospheres

Identify Exo-Earth Candidates in Direct Imaging Data Through Bayesian Classification