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January 23, 2019 updates

Blobs, spiral arms, and a possible planet around HD 169142

A Multi-Year Search For Transits Of Proxima Centauri. II: No Evidence For Transit Events With Periods Between 1-30 Days

Statistical Characterization of Hot Jupiter Atmospheres using Spitzer’s Secondary Eclipses

Transitional disk archeology from exoplanet population synthesis

Co-orbital exoplanets from close period candidates: The TOI-178 case

Simulations of the dynamics of the debris disks in the systems Kepler-16, Kepler-34, and Kepler-35

A Fast Radio Burst with frequency-dependent polarization detected during Breakthrough Listen observations

Discovery and Vetting of Exoplanets I: Benchmarking K2 Vetting Tools

January 22, 2019 updates

New Development of Space Propulsion Theory-Breakthrough of Conventional Propulsion Technology

Towards Multi-Disciplinary SETI Research

Searching for exoplanets with HEPS: I. detection probability of Earth-like planets in multiple systems

January 18, 2019 updates

House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST

A Wide Orbit Exoplanet OGLE-2012-BLG-0838Lb

HARPS-N radial velocities confirm the low densities of the Kepler-9 planets

Active Optics in Astonomy – Modeling of freeform deformable substrates – FIREBall and MESSIER

Spitzer transit follow-up of planet candidates from the K2 mission

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