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May 17, 2018 updates

Radiation Pressure on a Diffractive Sailcraft

Measurements of Radiation Pressure owing to the Grating Momentum

Flying on a Rainbow: A Solar-Driven Diffractive Sailcraft

Expanding cosmological civilizations on the back of an envelope

1I/2017 ‘Oumuamua-like Interstellar Asteroids as Possible Messengers from the Dead Stars

Inner Super-Earths, Outer Gas Giants: How Pebble Isolation and Migration Feedback Keep Jupiters Cold

May 16, 2018 updates

Dynamical Constraints on Nontransiting Planets Orbiting TRAPPIST-1

Theoretical validation of potential habitability via analytical and boosted tree methods: An optimistic study on recently discovered exoplanets

Large Scale Searches for Brown Dwarfs and Free-Floating Planets

Using Deep Space Climate Observatory Measurements to Study the Earth as An Exoplanet

Formation of S-type planets in close binaries: scattering induced tidal capture of circumbinary planets

HATS-59b,c: A Transiting Hot Jupiter and a Cold Massive Giant Planet Around a Sun-Like Star

May 15, 2018 updates

Astrobiology, Discovery, and Societal Impact

Exo-Milankovitch Cycles II: Climates of G-dwarf Planets in Dynamically Hot Systems

An 8 Mearth super-Earth in a 2.2 day orbit around the K5V star K2-216

Tidal Evolution of Kepler lower-mass Planets

Modeling Martian Atmospheric Losses over Time: Implications for Exoplanetary Climate Evolution and Habitability

A search for transiting planets in the β Pictoris system

The dynamical evolution of transiting planetary systems including a realistic collision prescription

May 14, 2018 updates

Project Dragonfly: Sail to the stars

Nanophotonic light sails for relativistic spaceflight by high-power laser beams

Materials challenges for the Starshot lightsail

Propulsion system (possibly applicable to interstellar missions)

Interplanetary spacecraft using fusion-powered constant-acceleration thrust (possibly applicable to interstellar missions)

House spending bill could brighten prospects for two giant telescopes

The Evo-SETI unit of evolution is EE = Earth evolution = 25.575 bit

Two Thousand Kepler Phase Curves from Phasma

Exoplanet recycling in massive white-dwarf debris discs

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