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Sessions Published on YouTube

All times are US Central Time Zone. Last Revised: 10/29/2019

Monday, November 11, 2019 TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
TimeTitleYouTube Recording
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks Nick SolomeyPublication Pending
8:30 AMGreg Matloff - Starflight ReviewPublication Pending
9:30 AMMarc Millis - Breakthrough Propulsion Study: Assessing Interstellar Flight Challenges and ProspectsPublication Pending
10:00 AMTBDPublication Pending
11:00 AMGeoff Landis - Power System for Miniature Interstellar Flyby ProbePublication Pending
11:30 AMDavid Messerschmitt - Some Challenges in Low-Mass Interstellar Probe Communication DownlinksPublication Pending
1:00 PMPete Klupar - Breakthrough StarshotPublication Pending
1:30 PMDeana Weibel - Inevitability, Adaptability, Destiny: Religious and Non-Religious Arguments for a Human Future in Outer SpacePublication Pending
2:00 PMKelly Smith - Can A Complex Universe Provide a Religious Inspiration Without Religion?Publication Pending
2:30 PMDavid Burke - Human-Machine Ethics: Experiments in Moral ResponsibilityPublication Pending
3:30 PMMichael Massa - Securing the Stars: The Security Implications of Human Culture for Crewed Interstellar FlightPublication Pending
4:00 PMAlexander Cohen - Damage to Relativistic Interstellar Spacecraft by ISM Impact Gas AccumulationPublication Pending
4:30 PMAndrew Higgins - Strategies for Mitigation of Dust and Charged Ion Impact on Laser-Driven LightsailsPublication Pending
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
TimeTitleYouTube Recording
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks Nick Solomey
Publication Pending
8:15 AMJoel Mozer - Perspectives from the USAFPublication Pending
9:15 AMGeoffrey Landis - The Physics of Negative Mass: Applications for Propulsion and Interstellar TravelPublication Pending
9:45 AMGerald Cleaver - Calculation and Analysis of the Curvature Invariants for Transversable Lorentzian Wormholes and for Warp MetricsPublication Pending
10:45 AMBrian McConnell - The SpacecoachPublication Pending
11:15 AMCathe Smith - Farmers in the SkyPublication Pending
12:45 PMTimothy Swindle - Interstellar Material Within the Solar SystemPublication Pending
1:15 PMJames Schwartz - Near-Earth Resources: Short-Term Limitations with Interstellar ConsequencesPublication Pending
1:45 PMKenneth Roy - Terraforming Venus, and Similar Planets, using a Pneumatically Supported ShellPublication Pending
2:15 PMKatelyn Greene - Assessing Crewmember Musculoskeletal Health with Long-Duration SpaceflightPublication Pending
2:45 PMBreakPublication Pending
3:15 PMJeffrey Greason - A Reaction Drive Powered by External Dynamic Pressure as a Second Stage for Interstellar FlightPublication Pending
3:45 PMAlex Ellery - Will Self-Replication Technology Precede Interstellar Propulsion Technology? The Prospects for Interstellar Self-Replicating Probes and a Human Type III CivilizationPublication Pending
4:15 PMJamey Jacob - Inflatable Technologies for Interstellar Missions: Bounce House to the StarsPublication Pending
7:00 PMSagan MeetingPublication Pending
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Morning TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
TimeTitleYouTube Recording
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks Nick SolomeyPublication Pending
8:15 AMSteve Durst - An Interstellar University in the Ad Astra StatePublication Pending
8:45 AMGerald Jackson - Antimatter-Based Interstellar PropulsionPublication Pending
9:15 AMArtur Davoyan - Light Sails for Interstellar TravelPublication Pending
10:15 AMJacob Erlikhman - Analysis of Light Sail Geometries and Stability for Directed Energy Interstellar PropulsionPublication Pending
10:45 AMJoseph Meany - Metamaterial-Enhanced Graphene as a Beamed Energy Sail for Interstellar ProbesPublication Pending
11:15 AMTerraforming Work Group - Terraforming Report
Publication Pending
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Afternoon NASA Propulsion Workshop
TimeTitleYouTube Recording
1:00 PMWelcome Remarks Jeff SheehyPublication Pending
1:30 PMAndrew Higgins - Overview of Directed Energy PropulsionPublication Pending
2:00 PMJason Cassibry - Reaching the Stars Utilizing Fission and Fusion PowerPublication Pending
2:30 PMInvited Speaker - Science Goals for Interstellar MissionsPublication Pending