We have added a new section to our website called “Resources” (see the top menu). We will be assembling information here that will be of use to many as research information and compilations of references from presentations at our symposia, and any other things that come our way that need to be widely available. The first entry is submitted by Mary Turzillo.

You can now give us your impressions of the 6th Interstellar Symposium!  Just go to our “Impressions” review page and let us know about your experiences in Wichita.

The live streaming web page for our 6th Interstellar Symposium has concluded.  You will be able to view the recorded sessions online shortly.  NASA presentations (the Thursday and Friday sessions) are not available.

The 18th edition of our newsletter, Have Starship, Will Travel, has been published! You can read it here.

Our vlog, From Here to the Stars, will resume shortly after a hiatus.  In the meantime, please visit the link here to see all the previous episodes!

We have added a photo gallery with pictures from the 2016 and 2017 symposia, and the 2018 special symposium, “The Power of Synergy.”  We haven’t organized the photos or applied keywords to them, so if you’d like to help with that task please send a message to info@tviw.us to volunteer.  Otherwise, take a look at the photos, comment if you like, and enjoy!

2017 Symposium Sponsors

We would like to proudly thank our most generous sponsors of the 2017 Symposium. We could not have done it without you all!


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